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To examine this question is based on from the conduct by the borrower of the event of balance sheet liquidity, the ratio between own and borrowed funds; • "redemption". Bank money can only be stored on accounts in banks Yuri- legal Banks. List of banking operations and services that have the great- in exercise of the Russian credit organizations. Here are some basic banking services. For back guarantee financial loan use different types ensure this return.

The Bank takes on incassa- tion payments and disbursements on client operations, and invests excess cash in short-term securities and loans. Thus, the term "commercial" in the name of the Bank has lost the original meaning. The borrower repays the loan and pays the percentage in accordance with the loan agreement. International financial con- conference, held in Brussels in 1920, stated: "In countries where there is no Central issuing Bank, create it". This refers primarily to the timing.

The overdraft facilities (ital. 7. Credit primarily issued by banks, although they can be provided economic entities with available cash environments- STV. For example, dividing the loan maturity is obviously fanciful. funds that can be used for debt repayment (cash, deposits, securities sold items working capital etc.). Collection of cash, bills, payment and settlement documents and cash services to natural and legal- individuals. 4. Exceptional value banks determi- determined mainly because they can: to form a means of payment; to issue means of payment in circulation; serve as means of payment withdrawal from circulation. Guarantee agreement applies when the borrower is a citizen. Fixed-term the risk of a loan means his return.